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Nonton Streaming Film Geo-rook-han-ge-bo (2006) Sub Indo

Download Film Righteous Ties (2006) Subtitle Indonesia

Eccentric but faithful mafioso Chi-sung is sent to prison for his part in a gang fight. But when his parents are attacked by a rival mob and his own people take no action, he realizes that a decade of loyalty towards the gang has become futile. Determined to confront his own boss, he finds a way to escape from prison with his fellow inmates. Meanwhile, his friend Joo-joong is given the task to stop Chi-sung, forcing him to choose between the bond of friendship and loyalty towards the gang.

Durasi: 126 menit

Kualitas: Bluray

Tanggal Rilis: 2006-10-19

Rating: 6.2 (431)

Diperbarui: 2023-11-17